Artwork from my Italian travels

Manorola 2b 10 x 15 with title
Manorola, on the Cinque Terre Coast, Italy



PV 4 A3 photo+ 1000 x 600


Boating at the Ponte Vecchio in Florence – an A3 print – available in my Etsy shop


Lucca Monument 2g + border
The statue of the Madonna Della Stellario in Lucca, Tuscany

The Statue of the Madonna Della Stellario in Lucca, Tuscany.

This is my watercolour of this statue of the Madonna -Not one of the more usual tourist haunts but just a short distance from the amphitheater. Sited at the junction of five roads within the NE of the city.

Well worth a visit – with some nice local cafe’s, bars and shops.


076 A view over Vernazza cc 600x800
076 A view over Vernazza


Here is one of my paintings from a holiday on the Cinque Terre (or Five Earths) coast in the NW of Italy.

This is a view from the coast path which links this picturesque area. It is a stiff walk up from the railway station, but worth it – there is also a small cafe just along the way for refreshments!

Vernazza is one of the original fishing villages, with a great harbour – which is also a good spot for cafe society. Tourism is probably the main industry, but you can feel the edd and flow of it according to when the trains arrive and when it is busy. There are also many twisting hillway paths to explore…


077 Riomaggiore 6x8 cc
Riomaggiore – one of the Cinque Terre towns

Riomaggiore, on the Cinque Terre, Italy. Here is my take on the view of the harbour – this is also available as a print on my Etsy site 

Pv-4 e for A3 at 9x6 cc

A view of the Ponte Vecchio (or Old Bridge) in Florence, Italy.

This is my latest (November 2017) watercolour, based on a sketch done from next to the bridge done amongst the tourist hordes, the local artists and hawkers. Surprisingly sketching here wasn’t too bad – and I tended to be ignored by most of the passing crowds – perhaps they are just too used to seeing sketchers and artists here? Anyway I hope you like this view.

This watercolour is now available as a print from my Etsy shop


PV 2 6x9 cc

Another view of the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, this time from outside the Uffizi Gallery.


Lucca St Michael's 2b 4x10 cc

A view of the Church of St Michele and the Piazza St Michel in Lucca, Tuscany.

Also available as a print from my Etsy shop