Faringdon Portfolio

Welcome to my Faringdon portfolio page.

Below you will find various drawings and paintings from my Faringdon portfolio. These have a description and some have a link to relevant posts on this site – just click on the link to go to that particular page. This isn’t a complete catalog of my work from the town – more like selected pieces.

Drawing Faringdon from the Town Square

This is my first drawing of Faringdon town centre.

I sat on a bench outside one of the towns’ charity shops and just started drawing. Initially the drawing focused on the Old Market Hall and then expanded outwards – The Bell Inn is shown on the left.

My illustration shows my drawing tidied up and some more detail added.

Here is a link to that original post Sketching Faringdon

Drawing Faringdon Town centre

Revisiting the town

I revisited the town and continued to add to my initial drawing – expanding the view to the right of the Market Hall and creating a wider panorama.

Here is my link Sketching Faringdon -Part 3

Expanding the panorama

Adding colour to my initial drawing

I decided to add some colour to my initial drawing and experimented with a mixture of watercolour and acrylics. Here is the result.

Sketching Faringdon – Part 3

Adding colour to my initial drawing

The Acacia Charity Shop and Council Hall

This was my first drawing and painting from around Faringdon. The towns one-way system narrows at this point, next to the ‘Acacia’ charity shop and the Council Hall. The shop sells items to sponsor projects in Africa and these spill out onto the pavement. The stepped end of the Council building gives it an almost whimsical appearance – like something from Portmeirion.

Painting buildings in Faringdon

Acacia and the Council Hall

My sketch of Sadlers and McColls supermarket

Here is my sketch of The Sadlers and McColls supermarket in Faringdon. It is quite a oblique view, with the Old town hall on the left and the unique frontage of Sadlers on the right. Here is a link to my original post – More Drawing in Faringdon

Sadlers and McColls drawing

More drawing in Faringdon

I later added some colour to my sketch. This was again a mixture of watercolour and acrylics. The resulting rough texture seems to suit the initial sketch.

More Drawing in Faringdon

Sadlers and McColls painting

My line drawing of the Music Festival Day at Faringdon Market Square

I visited Faringdon one Saturday to find a small music festival on behind the old Town Hall, and finding a spot outside the Bell Inn and did the sketch for this watercolour of the scene while being pleasantly entertained by various local artists. The main event however was a national Women’s National Cycle Race due to pass through the town later that day. The town centre and outside of the pub got progressively busier over the hour or so it took me to do my drawing (below) and by then it was time to move on again, to catch the end of the race later in Oxford. Sketching on Faringdon Music Festival Day

Faringdon Music Festival Day – my line drawing

Sketching on Faringdon Music Festival Day

Here is my watercolour version of my above line drawing . Sketching on Faringdon Music Festival day

Faringdon Music Festival Day

Back to Faringdon

I returned to Faringdon to do a different view – of the frontages of Sadlers and the McColls supermarket, together with a side view of the Market Hall.

Back to Faringdon

Putting together sheets of the same drawing

My finished drawing

Back to Faringdon – Sadlers

I returned to Faringdon to draw a unique building -next to the Sadlers Deli and restaurant.


My sketch of Sadlers in-situ

Sadlers – my finished drawing