A view of the Church of St Michele in Foro and the Piazza St Michele in Lucca, Tuscany

Here is my take on a view of this famous church in the Piazza of St Michele in Lucca, Tuscany.

The walled city of Lucca  is built over an earlier Roman town, the remains of which are still evident in places.

The city is a good place for a walk around , with its amphitheater, several churches, a cathedral and several lookout towers built in a period when these were regarded as status symbols, indicating the wealth of the families that built them.

St Michele’s is an outstanding Church, with a rather wonderful facade at the front and the Piazza has several cafes that make good spots for a drink or a snack while you take in the view.

A print of my original watercolour is available as a print from my Etsy shop









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