The entrance to Broughton castle.

Another of my watercolours – this an update on a painting of the entrance tower to Broughton Castle in northern Oxfordshire.

Broughton Castle is the home of the Fiennes family and is a moated manor set in parkland a few miles from Banbury.

Once a centre for intrigue against Charles I, the castle was captured after a seige by royalists following the nearby Battle of Edge Hill.

Now it is a far more peaceful place, which occasionally opens its doors to the public. The castle has appeared in several films, as well as the excellent ‘Wolf Hall’ TV series. An adjacent church is worth visiting in its own right – it is filled with memorials to the Fiennes Family and also has a sense of the dust of ages.

If visiting the Castle, it is also worth mentioning that the tearooms in the converted stable opposite also does excellent cake!

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