Working up a painting of boats in Tenby Harbour

Today I have been working on a drawing and watercolour of boats in Tenby Harbour.

I’ve recently been away on holiday and was lucky enough to be able to take a walk around Tenby Harbour at low tide to explore and take photos.

This on one of those rare sunny clear days with not too many people around. I suppose because I make a point of exploring that I’m fortunate enough to see these places, but all those people ( ah-hum…tourists) that just seem to wander around the shops and eat ice-cream and pasties. If only they made it as far as the harbour they’d find a panorama of sand and the sea that is pristine with maybe half a dozen people on it – sigh!

Anyway, back to the painting. Again, this is one of a series and a series that I hope to develop. There seem to be fewer and fewer fishing boats nowadays, so it is good to find a harbour with a few of them in it. This particular post is of an on-going painting and is deliberately left partly unfinished at the moment. For other examples please take a look through the rest of my blog.

Does anyone have some thoughts about this?

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