Sketching in Abingdon

Despite a threatening rain front coming in across the country I decided to visit Abingdon for the first time in awhile. This was partly to drop off artwork and partly to explore again. After a quick walk around the town and a longer visit to their library I settled on the town Square for a Gregg’s Sandwich lunch. As it happens October is a good time to take in a view of the Town Hall because the maple trees are turning a fiery mixture of red, orange and yellow and starting to spread a pattern of fallen leaves across the Square.

I took the opportunity to indulge in some sketching. Usually I’d go for a drawing of the rather grand Town Hall but today instead settled for the pattern of shops to one side of the Square. My thinking being that maybe I can come back with a larger sketchbook and try the rest of the view then.

Anyway here are a couple of photos of my sketchbook and the view…

And my finished sketch…

Later on adding some watercolour to this sketch…

For comparison you might like to take a look a another couple of my pictures from Abingdon…

There is a more polished urban landscape view of Bridge Street

And my line and fill type illustration of The Abingdon County Hall

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