Broad Street 2

A few days ago I posted a drawing and a watercolour view of Broad Street in Oxford.

I also mentioned that I might extend this panorama out a little, and possibly to add a couple of passing cyclists – the above is the result of this little experiment in watercolour. It is a bit sketchier than the last watercolour’s drawing but perhaps also a bit livelier – there usually seems to be a compromise between more detailed or faster and livelier, but I quite liked this version. The sky also manages to hint a little of the energetic and blustery weather we’ve been having recently – brief periods of sunshine between deluges…

Below is my initial drawing. Sometimes in watercolours it is better not to add any drawings for skies but rather to just go ahead, dive in and paint them. In this case I kind-of think it worked out ok!

Broad Street 2 drawing

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