Painting buildings in Faringdon

After a day out a couple of weeks ago I stopped off at the old coaching town of Faringdon. The town has a collection of fine old coaching Inns, some nice vernacular architecture and still retains the feel of an old town, with its relatively narrow and winding main streets. It also has a characterful small bakery that does a variety of interesting cakes (particularly flapjacks) and this is what pulled me in. Suitably refreshed, I also had a little wander around to explore the town and was quite taken by the view of the Town Hall and a unusual charity shop ‘Acacia’. The shop sells items to send aid to projects in Africa and in this case these items also spill out onto the pavement outside.

Here is a photo of the view – it is set on the corner of the town’s one-way system, which gives it its particular shape.

Faringdon Buildings

My painting is left incomplete for now but maybe at a future date I might do another version – especially as I’d quite like to add some of the street furniture !

A Faringdon Charity shop

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