Starting to paint Gee’s restaurant, Oxford

Gee’s restaurant is set amongst the well-to-do Victorian houses on the Banbury Road in North Oxford. It occupies what was once a greenhouse and conservatory, built at the end of the 18th century as a sort of forerunner of our modern garden-centres.

Back in the balmy days of summer I spent an hour or so doing a drawing of this fine building. That can be found in a previous post but here it is again below…

Gees drawing

Here I am just starting to add some watercolour to my original drawing, which I hope to progress…

Starting Gee’s restaurant watercolour

And for comparison here is a photo of Gee’s. On the right is what was a florist’s shop, a survivor from the original conservatory and greengrocers store business. I think this is now re-openning as a small gallery.

A photo of Gee’s and the Florist’s shop next door

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