Sketching Eynsham Church

I’ve been meaning to get out and do some more sketching for a while. After visiting a couple of local ‘Artweeks’ events I decided to travel over to the nearby village of Eynsham. This is just a few miles west of Oxford and seems to have quite an active arts group –Eynsham Arts Group– which had an exhibition of the work of local artists right next to the church I had come to draw. Setting up to draw in a doorway across the road I had a steady stream of visitors and artists popping across the road to have a peek at my drawing as it progressed!

Here’s the view I chose to draw – St. Leonard’s church in the centre of Eynsham. The exhibition hall is on the right.

St. Leonard’s

Here is my sketch in-situ…

Sketch in-situ

And here is the finished drawing. Having put my drawing down on the pavement to photograph it, a local woman appeared and decided to run her pram over the top of it – another first !

My drawing

Here is another view in safer territory – my desk…

My drawing in safer territory

After some cleaning up and the addition of some pen – here is the finished (for now) drawing.

My finished drawing

That is about it so far for this drawing. I will try to get around to adding some colour and maybe the odd extra touch. I quite like the exhibition banner and the flag bunting in the foreground – it helps place this drawing in context of both time and place.

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