A small fishing boat called Zephyr

I’ve been away on holiday in Cornwall and between walking and driving and exploring have occasionally found the time to do some drawing. Staying next to the harbour in Porthleven for a couple of nights gave me the opportunity to do a few studies of the harbour. This is a place where I’ve done some previous drawings and posts, including ‘The Roma at Porthleven, Cornwall’ and ‘Porthleven Harbour, Cornwall’.

This post is of a drawing of one of the small fishing boats moored up there – the ‘Zephyr’.

Here’s a view of the boat from the harbour wall.

The ‘Zephyr’

Here is my sketch in-situ…


And here is my finished drawing

My drawing of the ‘Zephyr’

I’ve since had a little time to add some watercolour, so here is my finished painting.

The ‘Zephyr’ at Porthleven

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