Drawing Stonesfield – a landscape view

This week I’ve been back to draw more of the village of Stonesfield, Oxfordshire.

Stonesfield is about 8 miles NW of Oxford and so is quiet enough for me to enjoy getting out in the country again. Last week I did a post of a couple of drawings in the village of ‘The Old Bakehouse’. This time, having done some previous reconnoitering, I decided to try a landscape view from just outside the village. Setting up on a farm track, I drew a series of smaller sections of this landscape, gradually joining them together. Like most en plein-air it was again something of a learning experience as I went along.

Here is a photograph of the view.

And here are some photos of my drawings…

Sketching the village in sections

Joining them up to form this view

Here is my finished sketch.

My sketchbook on the ground for a photo

Some days later, with some new watercolour paper, I decided to turn this into a series of new drawings and then add watercolour. The results are below.

Drawing and then watercolouring a smaller section…

Watercolouring smaller sections

And my finished landscape view of Stonesfield.

Stonesfield – my finished landscape view

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