Welcome to OxfordArtist online

Welcome to my Artwork website.

I am an Oxford based artist specialising in watercolours and line & wash.

On this site you will find a selection of my sketches, drawings and paintings from Oxford and my travels further afield.

Scroll down for some of my more recent work or for more visit my monthly calendar of posts on the right-hand of the page.

You can also view galleries for some of my artwork by scrolling to my Gallery listings. These group together paintings and the occasional drawing under certain categories such as ‘Oxford’ or ‘Buildings’ etc.

I have a shop where you can view or even buy more of my work on the craft site Etsy – to visit this site just click on this Etsy link or on the sidebar.

Please click on the Like or Follow icons attached to my posts if you like my work -these are much appreciated.

All images are copyright of OxfordArtist Bryan Matthews.

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