The Oxford University Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum in Oxford has recently re-opened after being closed for a while – so I thought I’d post my painting of this fine building. If you’d like to know more they have a twitter account.

The Museum building was started in the mid 19th century, initially to house natural history specimens moved from the Ashmolean Museum and the University.

The building is a striking example of neo-Gothic style with colourful brickwork and many architectural flourishes. The inside of the museum has an extensive glass roof supported by cast iron columns and resembles nothing so much as a large and ornate Victorian greenhouse. As such the building competes for your attention with the many exhibits and as such is very much a part of the experience.

It still has the feel of a Victorian museum – which is probably a good thing – nothing against modern audio-visual presentations, but sometimes it seems that ‘old fashioned’ museums are now themselves an endangered species.

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