The colourful village of Riomaggiore.

A new drawing and watercolour of one of the colourful villages on the Cinque Terre coast of NW Italy.

Here is my line and wash of Riomaggiore, which is probably the largest of the Cinque Terre villages, at the southern end of this area. The coast here is typically very rocky with steep slopes and what used to be traditional fishing villages perched against narrow inlets in the cliffs.

They do still fish from Riomaggiore, with a small fleet of open boats which are typically dragged ashore and kept above the harbour.

I guess the Cinque Terre is quiet again, with the tourists gone and just the sea for company. Hopefully the fishermen can still go out and make a living in these quieter days.

2 thoughts on “The colourful village of Riomaggiore.

  1. Thanks Kim
    We were also there in 2017 – about this time of year and were lucky with the weather and the (lack of) crowds. The Cinque Terre is very pretty in the sunlight . My drawing is however from one of my photos and isn’t quite the same as in-situ. Taking a browse of some of my old photos and thinking it would be nice to go back again. You did well to do some plein air – if I do a sketch it’ll usually take me at least an hour – o.k. if the other half can find a bar or pub and a decent book! My regards B


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