Working out The Blue Peter at Polperro

I’ve been revisiting some old photos of the picturesque fishing village and well known tourist spot Polperro. This is partly a reaction to the fact that usually at this time of year we’d be heading down to Cornwall and most likely be stopping off on the way. Last year we actually managed to stay a night in the village and had a very enjoyable time – going to the pubs, cafes, galleries and restaurants. So instead I’ve just tried to produce a drawing and attempt a painting of one of the pubs – The Blue Peter – which, if you don’t know it, is a great pub.

Of these two, the one on the left is probably closer to what I was aiming at. My painting on the right also shows to some extent what happens when you paint on thinner cartridge paper i.e. it tends to crinkle up and doesn’t scan well.

These are both trying out ideas and hopefully I’ll produced a better version eventually.

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