Drawing the Sheldonian again

A couple of days ago I took the opportunity to go back and draw the Sheldonian Theatre again. I sat out on the steps of the Weston Library opposite and just took the time to do a more ‘nitty-gritty’ drawing, while the streets are still relatively quiet.

Here is the result…

The Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford

And a view of my sketch in situ

This took a while. The steps were relatively quiet, what with the Weston being closed. On a ‘normal’ working day this tends to be a popular spot to sit and eat lunch – less of that now, though it is noticeable that a few tourists are returning to Oxford.

One up-side to ‘social-distancing’ is that it has been easier to go out and draw en plein air and be mostly left alone. Not much of that sneaking up behind you to take a look and fewer questions about what I’m drawing. Today, however, was a first as a younger couple wanted to take a photo of me drawing and then do a selfie with the artist. I have thought about this and although initially a little reluctant I now tend to think that this is dodgy practice during these coming-out-of-Lockdown times.

Here is another photograph – this time looking along Broad Street – still pretty quiet.

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