Carfax Tower and the HSBC building, Oxford

Today I was back in Oxford dropping off library books back at the library and then I took a wander in search of new views to draw.

The crowds seem to be returning to the city, or rather the crowds of shoppers and also people taking advantage of the ‘Eat Out to Help Out’. The latter seemingly booking and filling out pretty much every restaurant in town, or at least the ones that are open.

The Westgate Centre under threatening skies

After yesterday’s rather gloomy and broody views between cloudbursts, today was nicer – with dramatic cloud but no rain.

I settled at the corner of Carfax, opposite Carfax Tower and tucked in to try to avoid the throngs walking the High Street. Sometimes with urban sketching the aim is to achieve a sort of partial invisibility…

Anyway I hope you like my finished sketch of the Carfax Tower and the adjacent HSBC building.

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