A rainy day in Oxford – drawing The Swan & Castle

Yesterday was a day of downpours with a few rumbles of thunder thrown in. Despite this I decided to head into Oxford against a darkening sky and made for the central library.

In these C-19 days, the University is quiet, the legions of studying students are missing, and with the computers turned off, I guess that the staff may actually out-number the few stragglers about.

Still, pulling up a chair and taking advantage of the lull I settled down to draw the Swan & Castle pub across the way from one of the few large windows in the place. There are worse things to do on a rainy day in Oxford than settle down to draw if you are in the mood for it and the time went quickly until I was reminded that the library now closes at 5 p.m.

My resulting sketchbook drawing below

Along with a cropped view of the pub…


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