A 10 minute watercolour sketch of Newington Church

Last week I took advantage of a glimmer of sunlight and went out to Newington, which is about 5 miles south of Oxford. I stopped briefly to take some photos of the Manor House and St. Giles church next door. In the blustery weather I was also quite taken with the crows nesting next to the church.

Here are a couple of photos of the manor and church … and crows.

St, Giles at Newington
Newington Manor

I did do an initial drawing followed by the watercolour below. However it is not one of my favourites – and definitely ‘needs work’ – being quite uninspired.

Today I quickly knocked off a 5 minute sketch and an equally quick watercolour (below). Although very simple I think the result is a lot more pleasing.

So I guess this is another ‘project’ that needs more work – and again may be something for when it is more Summer-like and warms up a bit.

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