A view of the Folly Bridge, Oxford

Yesterday the Sun made an appearance and I made my way into Oxford – to take some photos and hopefully find somewhere to sketch. I eventually settled next to the river at Folly Bridge, on the southern side of the city centre.

This turned out to be a pretty good spot, fairly quiet and sheltered, with not too many people passing and a good place to catch a few rays. Starting at the bridge itself my drawing gradually increased in scope and the time just skipped past, along with one or two kayaks.

Below is a view of my sketch and the view. The shadows show it’s almost time to go, with the light changing quite rapidly.

The Bridge is named after one of the buildings here, a Victorian house fronted by a collection of statues (below).

I have subsequently done a bit more work to my drawing and am currently developing it into a slightly more complicated watercolour.

This is on-going but this is where I’ve got to so far …

A view of Folly Bridge, Oxford

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