The Esplanade at Mortehoe, Devon

I have been looking over some photographs of past holidays, you know the sort of thing, when you could actually go out and – gasp! – go on holiday. I have a few favourite views and one of them is of a row of shops and houses at the hilltop village of Mortehoe on the north Devon coast.

So, instead of watching more cookery or quiz or dancing or ‘talent’ shows on telly I had a go, as I sometimes do, at doing a drawing of this view. The result is the drawing below.

Mortehoe line drawing 1

This is from my original photo, below.

This photo is from a quite a few years ago now. Looking at the Google street view, it seems that the shop in the foreground is now closed. That is a pity – it’s a bit sad when these smaller shops close. The road here is called The Esplanade and from here drops off steeply down the hill to Woolacombe, with fine views of the area. The house in the foreground is also intriguingly called Cromlech House and I can well believe that there are prehistoric monuments in the area.

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