Canal sketching

The weather has been improving and the summer is finally here. In the UK the canals are probably at their busiest, with people enjoying the peace and tranquility of holidaying on the canals. Well, relative tranquility, as some of the locks are quite busy and finding a mooring might be a bit of a problem. Still, it is also an excuse for me to go down to the canal and do some drawing, also without too many distractions.

The photo above is of narrow boats moored up in the morning, with most people perhaps having a leisurely start to the day. With enough space and shade to unobtrusively sketch the above scene it took me about half an hour to produce my sketch below…

A couple of closer views…

My original sketch
A cropped view

And that is about as far as I got. I am hoping to produce a watercolour of the above and if this passes muster I’ll post the results – possibly a bit like an earlier colour sketch (from the winter) ?

Narrowboats on the canal

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