Along the canal pt.2

Last week I decided to go drawing and cycling along the Oxford Canal.

It was one of those bright but crisp mornings, and a thin crust of patchy ice had formed over parts of the canal. I think most people therefore decided to stay in and turn the heating up a notch-and so there were not many people about.

That makes sketching a little easier if you can take the cold. These days I am not too concerned about people taking an interest – just as long as they maintain some sort of distance and are not too ‘in your face’ -especially in these covid times. Most people along the canal are polite smile and just say ‘hello’.

I posted part one of this little trip a few days ago but here are a few more scans and photos from along the canal and some of my sketches…

Narrow boat row

My sketch of moored boats
Bicycle, sketch and narrowboats
Another narrow boat sketch
scanned narrow boat sketch

And that is about it for this particular excursion. Cycling towards Oxford it gradually becomes busier and on this particular trip the skies clouded over in the early afternoon, as a prelude to incoming snow – time to head back!

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