Sketching and drawing the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford

Yesterday I took a few moments to stand and sketch the Cupola of the Sheldonian Theatre again.

The nearby Radcliffe Square was full of heavy-duty filming equipment with powerful spotlights illuminating the Radcliffe Camera itself for a new film, Willy Wonka, apparently. Walking through the quad at the Bodleian to the Sheldonian was stepping away from a busy bustling scene to one of quiet with hardly anyone about.

With the light rapidly fading in the dusk there was just enough time for a quick sketch – not a particularly good one, but sometimes sketching is about collecting ideas. In this case its more like contributing to more detailed drawings like the one at the top of this post.

The Sheldonian Cupola – a sketch

An extra bonus was that, by taking the time, I could hear the sound of a choir rehearsing inside the theatre, their singing drifting out into the evening darkness…

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