A Chipping Camden line & wash landscape

Chipping Camden is very much a Cotswolds town, with a fine wool church and history to go with it. It is also a good place to go for a walk, although preferably in balmy sunshine rather than yet another cloudy winter’s day. Having said that it does also have a fair selection of teashops, cafes and pubs to take refuge in if in need of refreshment.

One of my favourite walks is behind the town and across fields behind the church and the grounds of the Manor. This is an area also known as the Coneygree – and was once a rabbit warren. Nowadays you are more likely to come across sheep or other walkers rather than rabbits but it is an interesting area nonetheless. I have also done a few studies of the view towards the Church and a former Banqueting House.

Above is a ‘line & wash’ with the Banqueting House to the left and St. James’ Church partly hidden by trees to the right.

Chipping Camden Line & wash

Hopefully in the summer I’ll be able to go back and explore some more!

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