A sketch of Eyemouth Harbour

As Christmas turns to New Year and New year turns to …uh.. early January, so it is perhaps time for a new beginning, or at least something a little different from a lot of Christmas-y stuff.

For this WordPress post that means I’ve been looking at old drawings and photos and have made a new quick watercolour sketch of Eyemouth Harbour (above).

For those that don’t know Eyemouth is a small fishing town about 8 miles north of Berwick across the Scottish border. The coast here is of rocky cliffs and beaches with just the very occasional inlet and harbour. It is not really what you’d call a holiday location except maybe for a month or two over the summer when people come to enjoy its small beach and the bracing North Sea climate. It does however have a working fishing harbour – which is starting to become something of a rare thing now-a-days.

Below is a much earlier sketch of the harbour from a different viewpoint..

Eyemouth Harbour from next to the fish market

So on with the New Year – and maybe I’ll be able to get out a bit more and draw more harbours and boats…

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