Sketching at Thrupp

This afternoon, on a cold but sunny day I decided to try my hand at a spot of drawing along the Oxford Canal at Thrupp.

Thrupp is a small place about 6 or 7 miles north of Oxford and is a popular spot to moor up, with a local pub, a tea-room and a wide basin for turning.

Despite some ice on the canal it is also quite pleasant to go have an explore in the gathering dusk. At this time of year the smoke from various wood-stoves on the boats adds to the atmosphere but is also a sign of another cold night ahead.

The light of a January dusk changes quite rapidly so my sketches were kept quite brisk…

Above is a photo of my initial sketch of a long line of moored boats with a pivoting bridge across the canal just beyond.

Here’s a photo of the scene..

Thrupp row

..and my sketch, below..

Narrow boats at Thrupp

I carried on along the canal to the basin and decided to do another drawing whilst sitting on one of the canal benches – but will probably save that for another post tomorrow…

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