A view of Thrupp Basin

Yesterday I was out drawing along the canal at Thrupp and was out again today, braving the mud and frost to savour the twilight and canal woodsmoke at dusk.

My photo above is from yesterday and shows my sketch in-situ at the Thrupp basin, a broad turning point and moorings on the Oxford Canal about 8 miles north of the city.

Thrupp Basin

This second photo tends to make it look a lot lighter than it was and after about 20 minutes sketching the light was definitely going. One thing about the light going is that you tend to notice the reflections more, partly because they appear darker against the light of the sky…

Here is another view of my finished sketch…

Thrupp Basin sketch

And a little while later a couple of photos of the Tilt bridge… time to go home…

The tilt bridge at Thrupp

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