A day trip to Wallingford

Here in England at the end of February we are getting hopeful that Spring is almost here.

Today the Sun came out and the wind dropped to offer us our first early Spring-like day. It is still a bit cold so the puffer-jackets will be in use for a while yet.

Today after delivering a print to a village near Oxford I continued out to visit the towns of Watlington and Wallingford in southern Oxfordshire.

Watlington is a charming place, with plenty of vernacular architecture, half timbered and thatched cottages and a little gem of a library. However their local bakery was slow to open its doors (10am!) and the queue of a dozen people or more down the street was enough to send me trundling on towards Wallingford in search of sustenance – or in this case a sandwich.

The small market Square opposite Wallingford Town Hall is a good spot to eat the said sandwich. Today it was also just about warm enough to also settle down and do some sketching. Here is today’s offering- which you can also see in the in-situ photo above.

Wallingford Street view

This is about as far as I got today. I tend to find you can almost guarantee that when you start sketching that all sorts of obstructions will materialise, be it buses, cars or delivery vans that get parked just where you are about to draw, but that is the way of urban sketching!

I have also done a couple of previous drawings from this Market Square, including another drawing of the Town Hall – just half of which appears in the left of today’s drawing. However, looking through my posts it doesn’t seem that I’ve put them up – time to do some digging!

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