Sketching Faringdon part 2

In my last post I was drawing part of this old coaching town’s historic core from a bench in the Market place. Yesterday I went back to do some more drawing while the Sun was still shining and this post shows my progress with this so far.

This is pretty much as far as I got with my initial drawing…

Drawing from Market Square

I settled in to continue drawing the buildings to the left and also to include The Bell Hotel.

It took a while. My basic approach was to continue to fill out my initial drawing and then add a second A3 sheet in-situ to add on and draw The Bell Hotel – a nice old coaching hotel. Here are some more photographs…

Continuing sketching…
Faringdon Part II
The Bell Hotel on the left
My initial sketch of The Bell Hotel

By now the day was changing, with the earlier sunshine replaced by cloud and the temperature dropping again – time to move on again.

Later I had time to put my two drawings together and go over some of the detail. What I ended up with is the drawing below…

Faringdon Panorama 1

And with a little more detailing this is what I’ve ended up with (below). This however might not be the final version – as I now feel the temptation to break out the technical pens and do a little more.

Faringdon Panorama II

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