Sketching Faringdon, part 3

My last couple of posts have been about sketching in the Market Square in Faringdon, Oxfordshire. I’ve since been back and drawn a third part to add to this panorama – this is the drawing below…

Sketching Faringdon Pt.3

If you are wondering why the building on the right has been left largely undrawn it’s because it is currently under a mass of scaffolding and plastic (photo below).

This is The Old Crown Coaching Inn. After chatting to a couple of locals, it seems apparent that the scaffolding isn’t going anywhere soon. However, if it does get removed in the not too distant future I might get to go back and draw that as well.

After scanning and joining my sketches together, this panoramic view is the result…

Faringdon Panorama

I then went over the line work with a technical pen to add emphasis and some more detail. With a bit of judicious cropping I got to this version of the drawing, below.

My final version of this panorama so far

I’ve also done a quick coloured version of this in acrylics (below).

Faringdon Market Square – colour version

The next step is to tidy these up and turn them into prints that are suitable for selling. That is an easy sentence to say and a little more complicated to do, but I hope to keep you posted when I’ve made a little more progress…

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