Back to Faringdon

I have been doing a series of drawings around the Old Town Hall and Market Square in Faringdon. This is the last of this present series of drawings. With the Spring weather here becoming more winter-like, I’ve spent a couple of hours today finishing off another of my drawings while waves of snow showers are interspersed with brilliant sunshine. It is actually quite pleasant sitting indoors watching this pass by…

My last post “More drawing in Faringdon” focused on the shops along one side of the Square. This one, done on the same afternoon, is more about the Old Town hall and a wider view of the Square. Here is a photo of my starting view.

An initial view

My original drawing of the above.

My drawing of the above scene

Today, with a bit more work I’ve extended this drawing and added a little more detail. Here’s a photo of the drawing in progress and another of the depicted scene…

Faringdon Market panorama

My initial drawing coincided with the local school-run and a number of buses came and went from a busy bus stop. I decided to add a bus – which is, after all, part of the character of the place. Here is my rescanned drawing…

My scanned drawing.

And here is an enhanced version of my drawing.

The ‘finished drawing’

And that is about as far as I have got with this particular view.

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