More drawing in Faringdon

I’ve done a series of sketches in the old coaching market town of Faringdon over the past couple of weeks. Today was a day for catching up with some more drawing of one of these views.

Below is a photo of a view I chose to draw, tucked in next to the Old Town Hall and looking along a row of shops.

I started drawing the former Sadler’s Catering building. This is such a unique place – with its ramshackle forms, sloping windows and decaying awnings, but as you can imagine it is also quite a challenge to draw.

Here is my initial drawing.

My initial line drawing

I added a bit more detail and extended the drawing. This is the result below.

Adding to the drawing

The final stage was to add some colour. Here is a photo of ongoing stages of the process.

Adding some colour

And here is a scan of the ‘finished painting’ – as far as I got anyway. This is another one to revisit – and maybe to add a darker blue to the foreground shop front amongst other things?

A scan of my painting

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