Sketching in Alicante : part II

Last week I posted a sketch of a row of colourful houses beneath the Castle in Alicante, Spain as ‘Holiday sketching in Alicante

I extended the drawing out to include pretty much the view in my header photograph (above). Below is a view of the panorama across both sheets of my sketchbook.

More sketching

My first sketch took about 30 minutes. The rest of this sketch was done on a different day, with slightly different light and from a different angle. The problem here was mostly that a different viewpoint makes it difficult to join the two drawings and merge the perspectives. In this case I just ‘guesstimated’ the middle between these two drawings and was fairly happy with that.

Below is a slightly better view of my finished sketchbook drawing.

The finished sketchbook drawing

And that was about it for my drawing of this particular view. On returning to the UK I took my various drawings and scanned most of them. Below is the scanned and slightly enhanced version of my sketches of this particular row of houses – with the castle in the background.

That is as far as I have progressed with the drawing. The intention is to turn this into either a watercolour or acrylic painting later, when time and energy allow. With such a colourful row that should be fun!

The scanned sketch

Another photo of the original view – for comparison with my sketch above.

Sketch of castle and houses

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