The Whiskey Cafe, Alicante

Just along from my last sketch of ‘Houses beneath the Castle’ in Alicante is a terrace cafe. I’m not sure what it’s real name is but we call it ‘The Whiskey Cafe’. This is on the edge of the old town and a pleasant spot for a early evening drink after a bit of exploring or sketching.

Standing at the railings, this is my sketching view, below.

A view of’ ‘The Whiskey Cafe’

… And my initial sketch in-situ.

An initial sketch

On this occasion I didn’t have time to do a full sketch but returned on another evening to add another side to this A4 drawing. Below is the resulting sketch at the cafe.

My sketch at the cafe

Here is my finished drawing, with a little watercolour sky added…

My finished sketch of ‘The Whiskey Cafe’.

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