The Jericho Cafe, Oxford

Jericho is an area just north of Oxford City centre with its fair share of pubs, eateries and even an independent cinema. The Jericho Cafe is pretty much in the middle of this area. With its bright red awning and paintwork it has been somewhere that I’ve meant to do a study of for a while.

So settling in outside the gates of a local building site I set about drawing the cafe. This was a good spot and once the workmen realised I was there they took an interest and were friendly and obliging – which goes to show that construction workers like a bit of artwork too!

Here is my sketch and the view of the cafe.

Jericho sketch in-situ
More or less finished

Here is my drawing.

The Jericho Cafe and James C. Penny

Part of the reason for doing this drawing was to add that red awning and paintwork, so here is the drawing with watercolour added.

My sketchbook watercolour

And here is the finish painting.

My finished watercolour

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