Two drawings of Carfax and the HSBC building, Oxford

A drawing of tThe HSBC building at Carfax

In the centre of Oxford the old crossroads at Carfax is somewhere that I’ve made several drawings. This is partly due to the collection of interesting buildings clustered around this historic junction. Another reason is that I’ve managed to find a spot, behind the cycle racks, that is just out of the busy swirl of people passing by.

Here is a photo of the scene. The HSBC Bank occupies a rather fine building next to St. Martin’s Tower and a cafe now spills out into an area that used to be a church, demolished at the end of the 19th C. (to allow better traffic flow). There have been recent moves to make parts of the centre of Oxford more traffic free. One result of that is that Carfax is now also a favourite spot for scooter delivery riders to park up between orders.


Here is my sketch of the HSBC building in progress.

And my more or less finished drawing

Carfax; my drawing almost completed

Here is this drawing scanned and cleaned up…

The HSBC Bank building

Those dispatch riders I mentioned earlier also feature in another of my drawings of Carfax. This one I’ve also turned into a watercolour.

Delivery riders at Carfax

If you’d like to take a look – here are a couple of links to previous Carfax posts: Drawing in the City at Carfax and Carfax Panorama

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