Drawing Coverack Harbour

On a Thursday morning we drove down to Coverack to find the harbour almost deserted. I’ve never known the place to be so quiet, with a few fishermen finishing up after a very early start and just a handful of visitors mostly doing other things.

Coverack harbour looking gorgeous

It was a great opportunity to do some drawing, so I spent a while working on two A3 sized sketches in a sort of panoramic sweep of the harbour, below.

Across the harbour

Coverack sketch pt.1
Towards the old Lifeboat Station

Coverack sketch pt.2

It was then time to move on and across to the north coast for a lunch at a rather nice pub in Zennor – but really I could have stayed all day just drawing.

Later, after scanning, I put these two sketches together to form the basis of a larger panoramic drawing. Here is the result so far…

A panoramic view of Coverack Harbour

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