Sketching Blenheim Palace

With summer and the school holidays upon us, Oxford has gone from a relatively quiet place to being busily with a mixture of tourists, teenagers and language students. I tend to prefer it quieter but do have the option to explore outside the city.

This afternoon I headed out a few miles to do a little sketching at Blenheim Palace. It seems to have been a while since I’ve been here but it was relatively quiet and undisturbed. Finding a grassy spot near the eastern entrance to the palace I settled down to start sketching this side of the palace buildings.

My chosen view…

The eastern side of Blenheim Palace and visitors entrance

…and my sketch in progress

My sketch in progress

Having been away for a while such a complex subject was a little daunting to start, so I began by drawing a small electric transport – a stretched and converted golf buggy – and then extended out from there. That seemed to work pretty well and after a while I had filled a sheet of A3 paper. Then, since the going was good, I extended my drawing out a little further to get the whole side of the building.

Here’s my finished sketch in-situ.

My panoramic view of the eastern entrance to Blenheim

That was about it for today. I think there is enough material there for another Blenheim watercolour landscape – and it was nice to be out in the country in the relative quiet. Here is a view of my finished, scanned, drawing.

A panoramic view of Blenheim Palace.

The main courtyard at Blenheim – on a quiet day

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