Drawing the Oxford Skyline part 2

Last week I posted the first part of my sketch of the skyline as seen from the top of the Westgate Shopping Centre here in Oxford. Here is part 2.

I went into town and up to the Westgate’s roof level for shortly after 9am. it was nice and quiet, just the occasional shopper or restaurant staff chatting before the day gets going. I drew the northern part of this panoramic view – taking some care so that my drawings could be joined up later. Here is a view of that skyline…

Oxford Skyline 1

…and here is my sketch in progress

Skyline sketch in-situ

After scanning and adding a little bit more line and detail, this is my finished, pasted, skyline panorama.

Westgate Skyline drawing – parts 1 & 2

This is about as far as I’ve got with this particular view. My picture of this panorama (above) probably doesn’t do the original justice, partly because the original is the width of 2 x A3 sized sheets (approximately 84cm or 33″).

I do think this is a candidate as a painting – probably painted with acrylics this time, having just finished another panoramic view in acrylics. This was of a different subject – Blenheim Palace – but I think the medium holds a certain promise – but that’s for another post!

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