Drawing the Oxford Skyline: part 1

The Westgate centre in Oxford is the city’s latest bigger, brighter incarnation of a shopping centre. It has dozens of shops over several levels and a rooftop level populated by various restaurants. The rooftop also has a view of the Oxford skyline, looking out towards the east. This is something that I’ve been meaning to get around to do a drawing of for some time. Over a couple of visits I’ve managed to do this – producing a panoramic drawing in two parts. This post is about part 1 of these 2 drawings.

I choose a weekday morning, after the daily rush-hour but before any of the restaurants got going. At this time of day the roof level was pretty quiet with just the occasional shopper or shop/restaurant staff having a chat, so generally it was nice and quiet. The drawing itself was a little tricky as you need to stand to have a view over the glass screens and also there is a lot of detail out there to sort out. None-the-less I was fairly happy with the result.

Here is my drawing in situ with the towers, spires and domes of the Oxford skyline in the distance.

Westgate skyline in-situ

And here is the view on its own. Because of the panoramic nature of skylines the photograph only shows part of that view – to get the whole skyline would probably take maybe three photos together.

Finished sketch and planter

Here’s a scan of my finished drawing.

Part 1 of my sketch of the Westgate Skyline

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