The Kings Head & Bell, Abingdon

Abingdon is a town that has a long history and it rewards a little exploration. Behind the grand County Hall a small road leads down to St. Helen’s Church. This is East St. Helen Street and it is lined with some of the oldest buildings in the town. It is also home to a rather quirky pub – The Kings Head & Bell.

I visited on a Bank Holiday weekend, with the town busy and the pubs doing a brisk business. Although it is only just behind the County Hall, East St Helen Street was noticeably quieter and a good spot to do some sketching – so I decided to have a go at drawing the pub.

Here is my view of this rather imposing establishment.

The Kings Head & Bell, Abingdon

I was particularly taken by the uneven mixed and angular skylines and the pub’s ornate frontage. It also has a rather grand chimney and one very crooked one held in place by a pair of tie-rods that add yet more character. Throw in a smattering of road signs and there is enough here to keep an urban sketcher happy. Here is my in-situ sketch…

The Kings Head & Bell , my sketch in-situ

…and the finished drawing.

The Kings head & Bell – my finished drawing

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