The view from Shilton

Shilton is a small village between Burford and Carterton in West Oxfordshire. It is quite tucked away just off the main road but is well worth a visit. A quick walk around reveals a shallow pond and ford across the stream which is almost Constable-esque. Close by there is also a handsome village pub. Walking further you might come across the Old Manor House at the top of the hill and, continuing on, the church and vicarage. A footpath leads across the churchyard, over a stone stile and then there are some great views across the countryside towards Alvescot and a string of picturesque villages on the way to Lechlade.

Shilton Church

Shilton Church

I stood for a while and drew the view from the stile…

The footpath leading southwards to Alvescot

,,,my sketch

The view from Shilton -my sketch in-situ

… and my finished drawing.

The view from Shilton – my scanned drawing

I hope to later turn this into another of my landscape paintings, but that is for another time.

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