Castle Cars, Oxford

This weekend it has been the annual Oxford ‘Open Doors’ where various colleges and other institutions open their doors to the public for a limited time. This year I ventured around a couple of the smaller colleges, doing a couple of drawings as I went, before visiting the Oxford Castle. Here there were a small collection of classic cars on show. The first car I came across was a very nice early version of the Mini – or in this case a Riley MK III Elf rally car – which I decided to sit down and draw. The good thing about this was that with these cars on display nobody took much notice of me sketching them! Most of these cars you could sit in and the main occupation of the afternoon was adults and children alike honking their horns. I was a bit shocked by the liberties that people were taking with other peoples’ cars and guess these classic car people must be a very tolerant lot – the afternoon passing in a cacophony of horn blowing. Meanwhile things were going well with the drawing, so I decided to add another car to it.

Here is the scene below and my on-going drawing.

Classic cars with Oxford Castle mound behind

A tiny but characterful rally car

Sketch completed

Castle Cars – my finished drawing

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