The Waterstones building, Oxford. Pt. 2

Last week I posted a drawing of the Waterstones Bookshop in Oxford and was going to also post a watercolour of this drawing – but was rather overtaken by events. Here is that post.

Below is my original sketch. If you are wondering, the large object to the left is a traffic sign – and the large (blacked-out) area behind it the former Boswell’s Department store, presently being turned into (another) Oxford Hotel.

Waterstones in Oxford – my sketch

So I got my watercolours out and just did a quick colour sketch, below.

Waterstones – a colour sketch

For comparison here is another of my views of this Waterstones from a couple of years ago…

Links to previous posts:-

Sketching the Oxford Waterstones

The Oxford Waterstones at the corner of Cornmarket and Broad Street

Waterstones – Colouring in

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