Sketching the Martyrs’ Monument, Oxford

The Martyrs’ Monument is an elaborate structure on St. Giles’, just outside the old city North Gate. Nowadays, it is largely a spot for tourists, locals or maybe the city’s homeless to sit and have a sandwich or maybe wait for a bus.

It is also quite elaborate and difficult to draw, but I thought I’d have a go.

Here is a view of the Monument, with The Randolph Hotel in the background.

The Martyr’s Monument, Oxford

My initial sketch.

My initial sketch

I ran out of space after a while and so decided to return to this drawing later and add some more. My ‘finished’ drawing, below.

My finished drawing

I’m still not sure that this is really finished. I’ve since done a much larger and more complicated drawing of the Randolph Hotel – as seen in the background of my photo – and also included another sketch of the Monument with that. That will be the subject of another post but I have a feeling that some more work is needed here – maybe stretching to a painting in either watercolours or acrylics?

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