Drawing the entrance to the Oxford Covered Market

A few days ago I posted a view of Market Street in Oxford – Sketching Market Street, Oxford – and today returned to do some more drawing. This is also a view that I’ve drawn before, quite a long time ago, as ‘An Entrance to the Covered Market, Oxford‘. That was at the beginning of 2020 and when I look at it now I suppose it’s not that different. Anyway, here is my view of the market entrance…

One of the Covered Market entrances – note the tea-pot lantern inside!

Here are a couple of photos, of my drawing in progress and the finished sketch…

Sketch in progress

My finished sketch

…and here’s my scanned finished drawing.

Covered Market entrance – my finished drawing

I’ve also done a watercolour of the view inside the Covered Market looking out. However looking thorough my posts I don’t think I’ve put it up! So maybe that is one for the future – it is however on my etsy shop site as ‘Brown’s Teapot’ !

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