Drawing Broad Street, Oxford

With the summer turning distinctly Autumnal, I’ve been trying to get out and do more drawing – before those evenings draw in and the temperatures drop. I’ve also been continuing with a fairly ambitious round of drawings – that is in terms of scope and complexity. With this in mind I went back to Oxford Broad Street to draw a slightly longer view.

Here is my view along Broad Street. The Sheldonian Theatre and a partly covered Clarendon Building are at the far end. To the middle right is the Blackwell’s Art & Poster Shop (with a cast Gormley figure on top) and a colourful collection of shops.

Oxford Broad Street

My sketch in-situ – and a view of my finished drawing…

Broad Street and my in-situ sketch
A close up of mt drawing

and a cropped view of my scanned drawing.

My scanned drawing

Broad Street is a location that I’ve done quite a few drawings of. Below are a couple of links to previous posts and the painting from one of these for comparison.

A view of Broad Street, Oxford

Broad Street 2

From Broad Street 2

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