Drawing along the Calle San Roque, Alicante

After sketching a view over the city – ‘a view towards the cathedral’ – I walked down a flight of steps to one of the main walkways in this part of the old town. With the evening being quiet and few people about I decided I’d try sketching a view along the Calle San Roque.

This pathway was lined with a jumble of colourful houses and an abundance of decorative potted plants – reflecting a certain pride in – and care of – the appearance along the way. It also makes for quite a challenging view for the urban sketcher to take in.

Here is my view.

And my sketch in-situ.

My finished sketch

With the light starting to go, it was time to head back to another cafe…

Views back to the Chapel of Saint Roch – and steps leading down towards the city and the Cathedral.

Below – here is my cleaned up and scanned drawing.

My scanned drawing of C. San Roque, Alicante

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